Create an Water tank with a waterfall. Aquascape Recipes

Create an aquarium with a waterfall. Aquascape Recipes

Did you know that using white sand in an aquascape can make it look like there is a waterfall?

In terrariums, water is actually poured down to create a waterfall, but in this article we will show you how to create a waterfall without doing so.

Please refer to this article for a complete description of the aquascape layout, procedures, and necessary tools.

Takizawa iyori is a Japanese actress. She has appeared in many television and commercials.

Aquascape layout with waterfall

No matter how old I get, I always enjoy watching “moving sand.” As a child, I couldn’t help but turn the hourglass sold for sale upside down, and as an adult, I am soothed by the speed at which the sand falls. Also, since I went to the trouble of creating an account, I wanted to get people interested in “Ms.. Takizawa of Taki Tank,” no matter what the entrance

Water plants used for the aquascape layout

All the water plants I had on hand were put into the tank.

Foreground – Middle View
Micanthemum tweedieiHydrocotyle Tripartita
Cryptocoryne parvaNymphaea sp
Hemianthus micranthemoidesRanalisma humile
Ludwigia repensMicrosorum sp. tridentleaf
Around the waterfall
Bolbitis heudelotiiMicrosorium sp.small reef
Microsorium sp.TridentHygrophila pinnatifida
on the water
Micanthemum tweedieiMicrosorium sp.Trident

I used all the water plants I had. This layout has a land area. The water plants in the back ground are arranged to blend in with the land.

Tool Selection Essentials

The filter is fitted with clear hose and poppy glass.

She said the equipment was adopted because she likes things that look pretty and last a relatively long time.

I chose Eheim 2213 for the filter body because “parts are easy to get” and “the double tap is convenient!”

Steps and tools to create a waterfall in a tank


The structure is an air-lift type in which air is fed into the pipe to suck up water and sand.

Although a submersible motor can be used to create a waterfall, an air lift is more suitable for small tanks because of its simpler structure and more compact equipment.

The airlift method is a mechanism used in bottom filters and sponge filters that uses air to push water upward from below.

Tools needed to create a waterfall

  • air tube
  • L-shaped plastic joint
  • Eheim water supply pipe
  • hose
  • air pump
  • Non-return valve

Steps to create a waterfall in a tank

Cutting PVC pipe


Create a drainage pipe that will be the starting point of the waterfall.

Use PVC pipe such as Eheim, but the pipe that comes with the bottom filter will also work.

Embed an L-shaped plastic connection so that the air lift system can be used.

Make a receptacle for the la plata sandwiches that will be the material for the waterfall.


Fine sand, such as La Plata sand, is placed in this saucer to create a circulation of “exhaled by the airlift method → returned to the saucer. Without the saucer, the waterfall would stop without circulation.

Place in a la plata sandwich in a saucer.


White sand is more noticeable, so choose La Plata sand, for example, sold by the ADA.

La Plata sand should be cleaned prior to use.

If an airlift is used, a lid is recommended to prevent the spreading and consumption of sand.

  1. Put in the la plata sand.
  2. Attach air tube to the base of the pipe.
  3. Allow the sand to be lifted by the air

The pipe is attached right next to the pipe.

Let’s take it into the layout.


Once the waterfall is complete, fill the surrounding area with stones or driftwood and place the pipes in an inconspicuous manner.

The color of the PVC pipe should be as close to black as possible to make it less noticeable, so choose a blackish color (gray), for example.

Waterfall tank management and start-up points

How to clean the tank and items

The cleaning method is very simple: sponge the glass surface with a spatula, and then use a hose to absorb it with a water pipe.

ProLazer is a stainless steel version of the scraper and is useful for scraping moss from glass surfaces.

Wiping off with a melamine sponge can also be substituted. Scrapers work better for hard-to-reach areas such as soil border areas.

Toothbrushes are cut to size.

You can use a toothbrush as it is, but I recommend cutting the bristles short so you can use more force. You can use it not only for the tank but also for fine cleaning of your house.The stones have regained their blue color.

Moss control and removal

We try to do water changes before moss develops.So there is very little moss!We hope to keep it this way.I feel that moss is less likely to occur in an aquarium with aquatic plants on land.

Only tea moss occurred.

Before adding the organisms, there was a small amount of brownish moss, but once the Amazno shrimp were added, it disappeared completely.

Log from start-up to completion of  tank with waterfall

The stone is made of dragon king stone.
View from above
After moistening, planting begins.
After planting, water is poured. The waterfall is already beginning to function.
Ludwigia repens and others are gradually changing color.
The aquascape after 60 days. More greenery and the waterfall looks more natural. The waterfall looks more amazing in the video than in the photo.
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